Meet Laura Bliss, Our Newest Team Member!

I’ve always been interested in working with people and using my outgoing personality in the workplace. I heard about Agathi & Co. during my sophomore year at SUNY Brockport from a couple friends who had taken a course taught by her and I knew I had to find a way to get myself involved. A year later I reached out to Agathi in hopes of an opportunity to work with her and learn more about this company that caught my eye awhile back. After meeting with her and chatting for about two hours, I knew it was a perfect fit! The elegance and hustle within this company made me realize that there is much more to event planning than meets the eye, which excites me. Her ambition to work hard and strive for the best reassured me that this was the place for me. Hard work pays off and it sure has for Agathi & Co.! Event planning has been my dream job since I was young girl; I love the idea of making something happen that will bring people together. I have always been passionate about using communication to make myself and others around me blissful, talking is important and we should all do more of it! 

I pride myself on paying attention to detail, staying organized and managing my time effectively. I enjoy working towards a goal because the feeling of accomplishing something successful is indescribable if you ask me. I am eager to begin my time here at Agathi & Co.; here’s to learning the ropes of my dream job and enjoying every minute of it!