How to Make an Event Space Your Own


Having the chance to utilize a blank event space is the perfect opportunity to bring your Pinterest board to life and tap into your creative side. The Arbor Loft has so much charm with its wood floors, cream walls and windows that welcome ample amounts of natural light. Extenuating the beauty of the space is something we encourage all of our clients to do, whether it be small decorations that bring in a pop of color or extravagant vintage furniture that sets the mood for the night. There are endless options as to how you can expand on the wow factor that comes along with hosting an event.

Picking a vision is one of the first steps towards planning for your event, having a basic idea as to what you want the feel of the space to be when you walk in is not always an easy decision. Once you decide on a vision, the rest of the smaller details come together with a nice flow alongside your master plan. For example, a bohemian chic dinner party would incorporate softer pastel colors such as browns, light teals and pale pinks. Dream catchers would be a nice party favor since that ties in with the bohemian theme, making sure your event details coordinate with each other takes a party from amazing to absolutely unforgettable.

Small details are just as important as the larger ones. Bring in cute napkins that are personalized with a monogram, name tables after places or people that relate to your theme are just a few ideas that spruce up any blank event space. Having interactive stations is also a great way to take any event up a notch. Polaroid cameras have made a huge comeback and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Such a perfect way for guests to take action shots and document them in a memory book for the guests of honor. Make your own cappuccino stations have been a hit as well, end your event with a little caffeine boost and have your guests brew up a fresh cup before they head home, trust me everyone will love it.

Many blank event spaces can be quickly transformed with plants and greenery, simple up lighting around the walls and a lounge area to escape to during the hustle and bustle. Vintage furniture and props can create a magical feel to any event, placing elegant chairs and couches around a space for guests to interactive with and take photos on. Chinese lanterns are an affordable option to brighten up any event, and since there are so many colors and variations of them it is a wonderful option to go along with any vision.

No matter what event you are planning in a blank space, don’t be afraid to take risks and wow your guests with an outstanding set up and experience. Trust your ideas and have fun with it, invite friends and family along during the planning process to gather other opinions and design visuals. Planning an event is a memorable and rewarding experience, so soak it all in and be proud of the transformation you create in your blank event space!


Event Pictured: RPO Pour and Pair Event and a Wedding at the Arbor Loft


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