How to Unplug on National Unplugged Day

Look up from your phone and take in the beautiful world around you! Spend today away from your phone, laptop and tablet and enjoy more face-to-face interactions. In today's society it is so easy to get caught behind your phone screen and tune out the world around you, but it is even easier to set your phone down and go explore.  Taking the time to disconnect from your social media accounts and explore the area around you can be more beneficial than you thought.

1. You will be less consumed by the thoughts and opinions of others so your mindset can be much more clear to explore your own.

2. More aware of your surroundings when your eyes aren’t glued to the screen. You will notice the cute boy walking by you on the street and the new boutique that just opened you had never noticed before.

3. You’ll see friends in a new light. Without seeing some of their online opinions and comments, you will look at them for how you personally know them.

4. Over stimulating your brain can lead to loss of focus. Unplugging will tap into your creativity and deeper thought much more when focusing on one thing at a time.

Use your time away from your technology to pursue your passions and become more in tune with your human potential.  Get up and dance around to your favorite songs or paint the next sunset you see; learn to embrace the world around you!