Why Have a Girls Night Out, When You Can Have a Girls Night In?

Juggling work, a social life, a home, pets and or a child can be stressful and exhausting. Do you ever plan a girl’s night out to get away from the madness to find you’re just too tired to leave your house? Here are four easy ways to still have fun within your comfort zone!

1. Game Night- We are all familiar with game night, but as adults we can add an alcoholic twist! Instead of dusting off that 10-year-old Monopoly game, you can download games on your smartphones while enjoying a glass of wine or two with the girls. If you do want to keep it traditional, break out those board games, of course your Pictionary drawing is going to make sense after a few totties!

2. Wine Tasting- Everyone loves wine; it’s a female fact. Another way to enjoy spending time with your ladies while keeping yourself comfortable is going or hosting a mini “wine tasting.” Designate the host to grab different types of cheese and crackers while the guests bring a bottle of one red and one white! This is a fun way to catch up with your friends while learning you actually do like red wine!

3. Dinner Party- Maybe a relaxing night without focusing on booze sounds better to you because you have to work in the morning. Hosting a dinner party is just as fun! We all have our “famous” dishes. Designate all guests to bring a dish and enjoy a smorgasbord when all have arrived! This is a great activity to kill two birds with one stone, eat a delicious meal and see your friends! Plus, who knew Karen’s homemade guac was so good!?

4. Stuff “Swap” Party- Who doesn’t have that one friend who can match a chunky necklace with the most adorable outfit and another friend who can pull off the athletic look better than sporty spice? It’s a fact that every female has a closet full of clothes that we love, sort of love, and need to be reminded why we bought that Syracuse Orange furry vest in the first place. Planning a “swap” stuff party is easy and fun! Tell your friends to go through their dressers to see what they don’t mind giving up to start the perfect “swap” party. Set up designated places for jewelry, shoes, tops, and so on making choices easy and accessible when the swapping begins! This is a great way to get some style tips from different perspectives while making time for the girls! Whatever is left behind at the end of the night can always be donated to a local Salvation Army.

Life can be stressful, but the team at Agathi & Co. want to make sure you’re making the most out of your week and having as much fun as possible!

XO- Simone