How to Plan a Cocktail Party at Home

We love the idea of planning your own cocktail party with your friends. We have put together a list of four easy steps you can take to plan and execute the perfect party this summer!

1. Pick a Theme- Keep it simple. Pick three colors that go with the theme you want to have. Use one as the major color and the other two can be accent colors. Bring the accent colors in through napkins, table cloths, or flowers.

2. Choose signature drinks-  Keep costs down by only serving two to three drinks instead of stocking a whole bar. There are a lot of recipes online, but one of our favorites is Raspberry Rum with Crystal Light Lemonade. It is crisp and summery!

3. Pick a Date and Invite Friends- You could be traditional and you could send invites in the mail or your could call and text your friends to pencil in the date. Give everyone 2-3 weeks notice so they have a clear schedule.

4. Plan a menu- Make traditional appetizers and try some new appetizer recipes. See if anyone is willing to bring a dish. This will bring some variety into the night and take some work off your hands.

On the day of the party, have a great time with friends and family enjoying their company. As host you may have to keep an extra eye on the drinks and food to make sure it is replenished.