The Importance of Women's Expos:Frequency and Quality

Women should be embraced, empowered and showcased. La FemmeWomen's Expos do just that; taking fabulous businesswomen and all they have done in and around the community and bringing them together to spotlight their successes and help further expand their endeavors. When showcasing what small business have accomplished thus far, it is crucial to highlight the amount of work that these women have put in, for the most part on their own or with the help of family and friends.

Having an event once a year to fully celebrate the hustle and heart that women have within them excites everyone who participates. Having done some research on other women’s events in town, I noticed that many of them happen as frequent as once a month. That frequency depreciates what it is to host a women’s event. Women’s expos should be just that, an event! An extravagant, detailed and fabulous time for women to come together and celebrate one another and all we have accomplished the past year. Being able to fully expose the independent retailers and emphasis the importance and success of small business once a year outweighs the impact that a small event once a month holds.

“When you oversaturate a women’s showcase and plan them as frequently as I've seen them executed recently, the focus is less on spotlighting the work that these women have put into their small businesses and more on the hosts of these events just making a quick buck. It's very disheartening." --Agathi 

XO- Laura