Meet our New Intern- Cynthia Marquez

My name is Cynthia Marquez. I am a current senior at The Harley School which I have been attending for the past four years. In the fall, I will become a freshman at Cazenovia College, majoring in business. I plan to have my own business. The exciting part is that I already have a name.

After college, I’m going to have my very own event planning company. I enjoy organizing events, parties, dinners, etc. With such an open and wandering mind, I have unique and creative ideas that have to be shown instead of being kept to myself.

I have planned events in previous years such as a lunch for my entire school. Since I am Puerto Rican, I decided to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at my school. I set up a lunch with different food options for the students to choose from including “desert.” I coordinated everything myself with the help from the kitchen staff. After the lunch, everyone was impressed and demanded that we have more events like it. I had students and teachers come up to me personally thanking me for such an amazing meal. They requested that the lunch becomes an annual thing.

I decided to do an internship at Agathi & Co. because I want to own an event planning company. In order to gain more knowledge and experience, I decided that I wanted to become an intern for this company. The events that Agathi and her team plan are beautifully and successfully executed; I want to have the same for my company. I am looking to learn what makes a company as successful as Agathi & Co. I have already learned a few things about planning an event and the amount of work that goes into it even for just the simplest things such as providing drinks and food.

 I continue to live my life by a saying that happiness is beautiful.

XO- Cynthia

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